How Long is the Perfect Blog Post?

The Art of Reader-Friendly Posting

Are you wondering how long your blog should be?  Will anyone read a full length article, or should you opt for something shorter?  How do you decide on a post length that is easy to read while still providing value?

Well, the perfect length for your blog post is ‘as long as it should be’.  I know … that’s really helpful!

Although there isn’t really a right or wrong answer, it will help you if you consider the following:

  1. How often are you blogging?  Your readers may be willing to read a longer article once a month, but if you’re blogging weekly or more often it’s probably reasonable to expect them to read  3 – 5 paragraphs.
  2. How complex is the content?  If it takes a full article to provide true value, then write as much as it takes.
  3. Can your material be divided into several shorter blogs?  Perhaps you could create a series, with each blog covering a sub-section of the topic.

You may find that different posts are different lengths, depending on what you have to communicate, but try to achieve some degree of consistency – it’s easier on your readers if they know what to expect, and they will be more likely to read your post if there are no surprises.

Above all, if your post is laid out and written so that it’s engaging and easy to read, with primary points highlighted under sub-heads or bullets it’s more likely to be read.

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