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How Often Should You Blog? | WORDS BY WENDY

How Often Should You Blog?

Okay that’s a trick question – it’s a little like asking “what is the best colour?”

But, even though opinions differ, there is a lot to be said for moderation and I recommend weekly posts as a very satisfactory middle ground:

  1. Any more than weekly can seem intrusive.  We’re all busy and as interesting as your information is, if you’re blogging daily or several times a week it can be tempting to skip it.  After all your reader may be busy today, and they know another post will be along shortly.
  2. Less than weekly doesn’t do the job of keeping you top of mind.  In fact if you opt, for instance, for monthly posts, then your readers have plenty of time to forget about you in the interim.
  3. Weekly is also quite manageable for the blog writer

So there it is – the (not quite) definite answer.  Oh, and the best colour is yellow.

Now it may occur to you that this is a very short post – and that brings me to the subject of next week’s post – “How Long is the Perfect Blog?”  Stay tuned.

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