How to Find Good Blog Content

If your blog has something to teach, people will keep reading

One of the biggest challenges with blogging is finding things to write about.  If you’re not teaching or informing, your readers will quickly move on.

So how do your keep your readers engaged with content that’s interesting and informative?    Here are some ideas to help you come up with new topics:

  • Talk to people.  Listen to the questions or comments that people have when you talk to them about what you do.  You can get some great ideas from casual conversations.
  • Ask.  Survey your subscribers or your email list to see what topics your audience would like to read about.
  • Repurpose your other materials.  If you have written articles, white papers or reports, you have a treasure trove of ideas right there.  And the best part is that you may be able to divide those longer materials into a series of shorter blog posts.
  • Check out other blogs or articles.  Reading other blogs from your industry can be a great source of ideas.  Of course you don’t want to plagiarize others’ content, but as you read you will often find that you are able to provide a different take on a topic, or it may just spark other ideas based on your own experience.
  • Read books.  When you read books related to your industry or your field remember that much of the information which may seem obvious or intuitive to you is probably unfamiliar to your prospects.   Consider as you read how the material might provide inspiration for blog posts.

And finally, don’t let your blog become one of those nightmares that hang over your head every week!  If you pre-write and schedule several months worth of blog posts in advance then you can focus on other parts of your business secure in the knowledge that the ball is not being dropped.

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