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About me? What do you want to know?

So, I’m a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter. Let’s take a look at that…

The direct response component means that I know how to write copy that people actually read and react to. That comes partly from loving to tell a story, partly from a nosy compulsion to understand everyone else’s business, and partly from just knowing a lot of tricks of the trade.

Back in the days (going back as far as 1984, but please keep that to yourself!), I held account management and copywriting positions in direct marketing agencies in both England and Canada – including Ogilvy & Mather in both countries.

It was that training that taught me how to really combine creativity with sound strategy, and how to write any piece within the context of a broader, strategic plan.

The freelance component means that I can provide the kind of service my clients love, while still being available for my three children, my husband and my extremely rambunctious dog.

Yes, it does kind of mean being all things to all people, but that can sometimes even be a good thing. I can be available for my clients even when I have a child home from school, and I come up with some of my best headlines at the dog park.

I’ve been freelancing since 2003, now, and have worked with clients of all types and sizes. My business has been built almost exclusively through referrals and word of mouth, so I guess I must be doing something right.

I love to chat, so why not give me a call on 403-816-6255 and tell me about your business and your marketing challenges.


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I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy when she wrote the copy for my website and I would recommend her highly. We met for coffee and just chatted, all the while she was taking notes during our casual conversation and the end result was amazing. She had turned my conversation into a most detailed story that had my personality attached and her attention to detail and professionalism as second to none. Wendy has a way of putting into words your very thoughts thus "Words By Wendy".

Beth Freeden
NexLevel Challenge Ltd
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