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Relationship Marketing Services | WORDS BY WENDY

Relationship Marketing Services

As a copywriter I use direct response techniques to write materials that create a connection and motivate a response.  I specialize in writing materials that are readable, persuasive and compelling:

  • Websites
  • Articles
  • Blogs and online marketing content
  • Brochures
  • Sales letters

Although these are all effective pieces individually, all marketing works best when it is developed within the context of an on-going program.  With that in mind, my most effective services are those that are designed to build and maintain long-term relationships.

Keep reading for information on relationship marketing packages:

Website Review

In this detailed evaluation of your current website you will receive comments and recommendations on the following:

  • Your copy platform and messaging: the strength of your current positioning, with recommendations on adjustments you need to make to your copy platform in order to engage your best prospects
  • Your copy as an SEO tool: how effective your copy is in building your rankings in the search engines
  • Ease of navigation: how easy it is for your prospects to find the information they need to make that decision to contact you
  • Page layout and copy formatting: an evaluation of whether your layout has what it takes to keep people clicking through and reading
  • Site map: a review of the pages you currently have, and recommendations for sales pages as well as the free content you should be providing
  • Your call to action: and the strength of your response mechanism

Although this is not a copywriting service, you will receive specific recommendations on how to turn your website into a powerful marketing tool.  This detailed evaluation will enable you to review your current website and provide a foundation for your search engine marketing plans.

Foundation Website Package

This package will get you going with copy for a small, but powerful site.  The writing will be strategically designed to draw qualified visitors to your site and lead those prospects through a persuasive sales message toward a pre-determined response.

The package includes all the following:

  • Site map – strategically designed for ease of navigation
  • Copy for up to 3 web pages
  • Call to action based on pre-determined objectives
  • Search engine optimization tags
  • Copy layout – designed for visual impact, ease of scanning and readability
  • Page layout recommendations – to maximize the impact of graphics, headlines, body text and call to action etc.
  • Content recommendations – for the content pieces that will generate traffic, establish your authority and build goodwill, referrals and word of mouth awareness.

Content Marketing

When it comes to search engine marketing content is king.  Content, as opposed to marketing copy, is free information that provides genuine value to your audience.  It also builds your ranking in the search engines; establishes you as an authority in your field; and generates traffic to your website.

As your content marketing specialist I offer search engine marketing consultancy and ensure that you have a regular supply of high quality content.  There are several ways you may choose to distribute free content, and packages can be created based on any or all of the following:

  • Blog, (recommend weekly)
  • Monthly article for website and e-newsletter
  • Monthly email
  • Weekly tips – for website/social media.  Written in batches of 26 or52 tips

Lead Generation Package

The average prospect must see your marketing message about 7 times before they respond.  The lead generation package includes strategic recommendations and copy for a series of promotional contacts designed to maximize the return on your investment.

The precise schedule of activities will be custom designed according to your objectives and your product or service.  However, it will be based on a minimum of 7 separate events, typically including:

  • Pitch Letter
  • Follow-up email
  • Telephone sales call
  • Email free report or white paper
  • Mail postcard with special offer
  • Email follow-up
  • Email or telephone follow-up

This professionally planned and written lead generation campaign will be custom designed according to your audience and objectives, but is based on the following:

  • Strategic campaign planning, including a schedule of events
  • Copy for a 2-4 page sales letter, 3 or 4 follow-up emails, one free report or white paper and a postcard.
  • Assistance in sourcing specialist assistance, such as graphic designer and printer for the postcard, or a telemarketing service, if necessary.

Effective marketing copy is about more than just pretty words.  For the strategic expertise to make your words work, call Wendy Zak at 403-279-3606

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