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Marketing Know-How Article – Turning Likes into Customers

Followers, Likes, Subscribers … is marketing just a numbers game?

If you’re obsessing over your social media numbers, you could be missing the most important point – it’s not the quantity of likes, followers or subscribers that matters, but the influence you have over them.

The quality of the relationships and the likelihood of turning those followers into customers is more relevant than quantity.

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Ten Tips for More Effective Copy.

Whether you are writing your own copy, or evaluating the work of a professional copywriter, these ten tips will help you to ensure that your marketing message is compelling, readable and responsive  –
the free report.

Small Business Marketing Tips.

Marketing a small business doesn’t have to break your budget.  Check out some highly cost-effective ways to spread the word and generate business  –
the free report.

How to Write Articles.

Writing articles is one of the best ways to establish your expertise in your field and build your credibility.  Every small business owner should be doing it.  This free mini-course will teach you the skills and techniques you need to write, and promote, highly effective articles in your field. 
How to Write Articles, E-Course a free e-course.


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