Ten Simple Steps to Website Response

Wouldn’t it be great to know that ‘if you build it they will come’?

Unfortunately that isn’t the case with your website – bringing the right people in requires a well-planned mixture of strategy, design and messaging.  Then of course, once they are there, you must convince your visitors to respond the way you want (whether that is by subscribing, asking for more information, buying or donating etc)

There are so many factors affecting the ability of your website to attract and convert visitors, including:

  • The design, colours, look and feel of the website
  • The site map, navigation and ‘pathways’
  • The page layout
  • The message and the way it is presented
  • The response device and call to action

It’s a lot to pull together, and even the most effective websites are the result of trial and testing.  But don’t despair!  “Ten Simple Steps to Website Response” will help you evaluate the most crucial factors affecting your website’s ability to convert.  And, best of all, you’ll get ideas for many changes you can make quickly and easily yourself.

(Read on, or download the Ten Simple Steps to Response)

Ten Simple Steps to Website Response

  1. Take a Quick Glance.
    On that first impression, does your website look professional?  Is the design clean and uncluttered?  Do the colours fit in with your image and branding?
  2. Identify a Landing Spot.
    Glance at the screen and see where your eye first lands.  Accustomed as we are to reading books and newspapers, the eye tends to automatically move toward the right from that landing spot, and then from left to right again in an ‘F’ or ‘E’ pattern.  So, it makes sense to put your landing spot in the top left hand corner of the screen, with your main message directly to the right.
  3. Imagine Navigating Your Site for the First Time.
    Is your navigation clear?  Every page should be easily accessible and clearly named.
  4. Ask the Same Questions as Your Prospects.
    Have you provided all the information your prospect needs to convince them to take action?   They have come to your website for information and if you don’t provide the answers they seek, they won’t respond.
  5. Check for Headines.
    Does every page of your website have a headline?   The headline is a crucial introduction to your sales message and plays a vital role in persuading your prospect to read on.
  6. Glance at the Copy.
    When you look at the copy do you see large, boring blocks of text?  Your copy should be in short paragraphs, with a ragged right margin (rather than right-justified) and lots of white space.
  7. Define the End Result for your Prospect.
    Does your copy start out be describing you, your company or your product?  Your prospect isn’t interested in you until you establish what you are going to do for them.  Focus your message on benefits; on the end result your visitor will enjoy if they buy from you.
  8. Read the Copy Out Loud.
    Count the number of times you use the words ‘I’ or ‘we’, compared to the word ‘you’.  ‘You’ should win by a ratio of at least three, because that means you are describing what your prospect will get out of this relationship, rather than just talking about yourself.
    What about the tone?  This is not a business plan or a technical document; it’s a sales piece and people buy from people they know, like and trust.  Make sure you have written in the friendly, conversational tone you would use in a face-to-face meeting with your prospect.
  9. Check What Jumps Visually off the Page.
    Have you used devices such as bullet points, underlining, colour and so forth to draw the reader’s eye to your most important sales points?  Use bold or underlined sub-heads to highlight your benefits, or list them in bullet points.
  10. Evaluate the Call to Action.
    Is it obvious what you want your prospects to do next?  Look for a call to action that encourages your prospects to respond and reinforces the reasons why they should, as well as contact information that is easy to find.

So, how does your website stack up?  I hope you found a few things you can do to make your website more compelling and more responsive.

If your website needs more than a few ‘tweaks’, you’re in the right place.  As a direct response copywriter and internet marketing specialist, I can help you create a powerful internet presence that will attract and convert qualified visitors:

  • Website evaluation service, with full review and strategic recommendations
  • Internet marketing consultancy
  • Website planning and site  map development
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Website project management

Call Wendy Zak on 403-279-3606 or email now to talk about how you can maximize your web marketing returns.





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