Too Many Pages in Your Website?

How Many is Too Many?

We live in a world where we’re supposed to keep everything concise – tweets, status updates and emails that will be ignored if they’re anything but brief.

So, should you keep your website simple and brief?

A Responsive Website is One That Sells

You wouldn’t go into a face to face sales meeting and refuse to give information or answer questions – not a sales meeting that results in a sale, anyway!

Your website is similar to that face to face sales meeting, and the beauty of online marketing is that you can provide huge amounts of information without overwhelming anyone:

  • The home page should contain just enough of a solid sales message to convince the ‘Drivers’ that you have what it takes to solve their problems.
  • Your About Us pages will be the first stop for those who want to meet the people behind the company; who want to feel that you’ll care about them.
  • The more technically inclined will go straight to product specs, facts and data.  If they don’t find the information they seek they’ll go elsewhere.
  • Others will be more interested in case studies or testimonials to find out what your other clients think.
  • etc, etc, etc.

Well Crafted Navigation is the Key to a Successful Website

Yes, the key to keeping all those different prospects engaged is ensuring that they can find the kind of information they’re looking for quickly – in seconds.

It’s not enough to just put up a bunch of pages and leave your readers to sift through. Your site map needs to be strategically planned with pages divided into readily identifiable categories and backed up by informative sub-pages.  It’s not complicated, but it certainly does take some conscious thought.

And that’s just one of ten simple tips that will help you make your website more responsive…

Download Ten Simple Steps to Website Response now, to learn the other nine ways your website should be encouraging your visitors to read through and respond.



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