7 Secrets of a More Effective Home Page

A Good Home Page is Your Website’s Foyer

When someone lands on your website via a search engine they have come with a very specific question/problem/vision in mind.  They’re on a mission and they’re looking to you for a solution.

If you were sitting across a coffee table from that web visitor you’d probably start with a bit of friendly chit chat – something to break the ice and get some rapport going.  You’d talk about the weather, the traffic; ask some casual questions about their weekend.  Only then would you get down to business, and the real reason for your meeting.

Your website doesn’t have that luxury of personal interaction – and it certainly doesn’t have the luxury of time.  Unless you would class 3 seconds as ‘time’.

So your home page has to immediately resonate with your visitor’s expectations and with the ‘top of mind problem’ that brought them to your site in the first place.  After it’s done that, then you can engage them in a ‘conversation’.

It’s Called a ‘Home’ Page Because it Should Be Inviting

Inviting, yes … but not the final destination.  Take your web visitor by the hand and lead them through your other pages (or rooms) until you’ve shown them that you have the answer they seek.  Start by ensuring the following for your home page:

  1. Make it look clean and appealing. Your web visitor is in a hurry – and there are plenty of other choices competing for their attention.  If your site looks clean and uncluttered that makes answers and information easier to find – and will encourage your visitor to stick around.
  2. Prioritize. Anything that is visible on the screen before your new visitor scrolls down is prime real estate.  Take a look and make sure that the top portion of the screen contains something compelling enough to make your visitor think “yes, this is where I’m going to find what I need”.
  3. Always have a headline. A headline takes seconds to read and is your chance to show your prospect that you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for.
  4. Don’t ‘sell’ too much. Don’t plan for your home page to complete the entire sales message; this is a place to create empathy and connection.    From here you will lead your visitors to other pages where they can get information and the answers they seek.  But…
  5. ‘Sell’ enough. Don’t assume that your visitor will take the time to explore your site for more information if you haven’t given them a compelling reason to.  Always write enough on the home page to make your prospects want more.
  6. Show the way. Always avoid the temptation to be clever or sparing with your navigation.  Make it absolutely clear what is on every page of your site, and make sure that your prospects find it easy to find the answers to all their questions.
  7. Give your contact information.  If someone does decide to contact you based on your home page, don’t make it difficult.  Even though this is not your primary sales page, you should still ask for a response and provide at least a phone number and email link.

How’s your home page performing?  Does it grab your prospect’s attention, keep them reading through and then lead them to other pages on your site?

Send for your Free, No Obligation Home Page Evaluation now.  You’ll get valuable feedback on the visual impact, copy and layout of your page – and suggestions on changes that will make your it more effective at leading visitors further into your website.

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