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A Word About Words | WORDS BY WENDY

A Word About Words

Technology – love it or hate it!

I have never loved technology and, as my clients will attest, I am a lot better about telling people what they can achieve with technology than I am at telling them how to actually do it.

But however you feel about this digital age, there is no doubt that it has changed the way we promote ourselves.  And with the ever changing landscape of online and mobile marketing, social media and email none of us ever gets to sit back in the happy knowledge that we know how it’s done.

Your Marketing Should Still Be About the Message

There’s so much to keep up with it can be easy to lost sight of the fact that just ‘having a presence’ is a waste of time if your visibility doesn’t translate to genuine, potential purchasers.

Five Ways to Get The Most from Your Messaging

  • Provide valuable content that establishes you as an expert
  • Write clearly and in a conversational tone
  • Establish clearly that you have solutions
  • Focus on benefits
  • Ask for a response

Whatever you’re writing, check it off against this list – some simple changes might be enough to seriously improve the impact of your message.

Free Home Page Evaluation

If you’re wondering what kind of an impact your website has, contact me for a free home page evaluation.  Just drop me a line right now, and I’ll get back to you with some feedback and some valuable tips on getting that response you’re looking for.


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