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How to Stand Out From the Crowd | WORDS BY WENDY

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Uniquely You

Last month we talked about branding and how important it is for even the smallest enterprise to have a recognizable ‘face’

The logical next step is to find something that will set your company apart from the competition: which will give your prospective clients a good reason to choose you.

If you have a definite ‘unique selling proposition’, then make sure you promote and capitalize on it.  If you are the only local operator in your industry using the state-of-the-art ‘Widget 9000’ then that is obviously a selling point that gives people an indisputable reason to choose you.  And, of course, always remember to explain the benefits of using this magnificent piece of equipment.

In my own case, there are few writers or marketing specialists out there who have genuine experience in direct marketing, and who can claim to have any expertise in appealing to the motivational factors behind response and purchase.  That is my USP and I use it to set myself apart from the competition.

In many cases, unfortunately, it can be difficult to distinguish between one provider and another.  Although your company may offer superior service or more experience, it can be hard to persuade prospects that your claims are credible.

When planning how to set your company apart, always consider the following:


  • Avoid superlatives. Claiming to be the biggest or the best is generally pretty meaningless, and does not persuade anyone.  Claims such as these need to be backed up with solid facts (or testimonials).
  • Specialize. If it works for your particular company, it is very helpful to offer yourself as a specialist in a specific branch or field.  A mortgage broker who specializes in investment properties will limit the market a little, but has the advantage of standing apart from the competition to that market segment.
  • Segment Your Market. Remember it is quite acceptable to specialize in more than one field.  Our mortgage broker can claim to be an expert in the first-time home buyers market when marketing to one group of people, and an expert in investment property when marketing to another.  As long as the scope is credible, it is quite possible to be an expert in more than one area.
  • Feature your Strengths. No matter how much competition you have, there is almost certainly something that makes you different.  Evaluate your background, experience, working style, current clients and anything else you can think of to try and find something that will set you apart.
  • Ask Yourself Questions. What is the element that has been responsible for your biggest successes?  What do your clients comment on?  What do you enjoy most about your work, or find most satisfying?  The answers to these questions may just provide a clue to what makes your company different.

One of the best ways to identify your unique selling proposition is to talk to your past and current clients.  You may be surprised to learn why they picked you over your competition, and you may gain some valuable insight into what your prospects are looking for.

So, spend some time working out what it is that makes your company unique and you will find that this information automatically strengthens all your marketing activities.

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