Marketing How-To: Turning Likes into Customers

Writing With Purpose

Follows, Likes, Subscribers … is marketing just a numbers game?

If you’re obsessing over your social media numbers, you could be missing the most important point – it’s not the quantity of likes, followers or subscribers that matters, but the influence you have over them.

The quality of the relationships and the likelihood of turning those followers into customers is more relevant
than quantity.

Internet marketing is about more than just getting likes and followers

So, if your facebook page is looking somewhat exclusive, don’t panic!

A contest or incentive may seem like a great way to build your audience, but it’s not necessarily the best way to build a following of the people who are, or who know, your future customers.

Here are some tips that stand true for social media, blogging and website marketing alike.  These are great ways to attract the high quality prospects who are genuinely interested in your product or services:

  • Provide Value.  Which means giving away free, usable information with no catch and no obligation.
    Genuine value creates goodwill, repeat visits and sharing.
  • Demonstrate Your Knowledge.  When you provide value and share information you’re establishing your expertise with your readers.
    An audience that sees you as the expert is more likely to buy from you.
  • Optimize.  Using keywords and key phrases in your writing will increase your rankings in the search engines and open your writing up to new audiences.
    Readers who find you by searching for your optimized keywords are likely to be good prospects for you.
  • Use Different Platforms.  Some people prefer facebook, others find twitter, blogs or newsletters more engaging.
    When you use a variety of platforms, you’re increasing your chances of finding those perfect prospects.
  • Be Consistent.  One of the most difficult things about social media and content marketing is the need to post regularly and keep the great content flowing.  Consistency will keep your audience engaged and improve your search engine rankings.

So, remember – it’s not how many people you’re engaging with, it’s how your message resonates with them that matters.

Think about who your ideal prospects are, what challenges they face and what questions they have; then prepare content that they will find useful and valuable – because your true prospects are the only followers that matter.

Wendy Zak is the content marketing specialist.  Call 403-816-6255 for strategically planned, optimized articles, blogs and web copy.



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