All marketing is more effective when it is planned and produced as part of an integrated business development strategy.

The following packages will help you to establish a strategic marketing plan and follow through with materials designed to achieve pre-determined objectives:


Website Review

A detailed evaluation of your current website.  You will receive comments and recommendations on the following:

  • Copy platform and messaging
  • On-page SEO:
  • Ease of navigation
  • Page layout and copy formatting
  • Site map
  • Call to action

Although this is not a copywriting service, you will receive specific recommendations on how to turn your website into a powerful marketing tool. This detailed evaluation will enable you to review your current website and provide a foundation for your search engine marketing plans.


Response-Driven Web Copy

Charge your website with copy that is strategically designed to attract qualified visitors to your site and lead those prospects through a persuasive sales message toward a pre-determined response.  The package includes all the following:

  • Site map – strategically designed for ease of navigation
  • Copy
  • Call to action – based on pre-determined objectives
  • Search engine optimization tags
  • Copy layout – designed for visual impact, ease of scanning and readability
  • Page layout recommendations – to maximize the impact of graphics, headlines, body text and call to action etc.
  • Content recommendations – for the content pieces that will generate traffic, establish your authority and build goodwill, referrals and word of mouth awareness.


Content Marketing

When it comes to search engine marketing, content is king. Content, as opposed to marketing copy, is free information that provides genuine value to your audience. It also builds your ranking in the search engines; establishes you as an authority in your field; and generates traffic to your website.

As your content marketing specialist I offer search engine marketing consultancy and ensure that you have a regular supply of high quality content. There are several ways you may choose to distribute free content, and packages can be created based on any or all of the following:

  • Blog, (recommend weekly)
  • Monthly article for website and e-newsletter
  • Monthly email
  • Weekly tips – for website/social media. Written in batches of 26 or 52 tips


Website Development Project Management

Your website has an important job to do.  It has to draw traffic; generate leads; attract subscriptions; complete the sales process; and any number of other important tasks.  To create a powerful selling tool, rather than a passive online brochure, requires a combination of creativity, technical skill and internet marketing expertise.  For a truly successful outcome, every member of your web development team must stay on track, and true to your strategic objectives.  It can be quite a feat of co-ordination.

As your project manager I will act as your consultant and advocate, ensuring that your web development stays on track every step of the way.  I will:

  • Develop the strategy behind your website, including site map, navigation and internal links.
  • Manage the process, ensuring every step of the way that your site is being developed within the context of your strategic objectives.
  • Write copy, and design a copy layout that will keep your visitors reading through.

Above all, I will ensure that your strategic marketing objectives never get lost in the creative process.  Because if your website is not getting the response you want, it’s not worth building.

Give me a call at 403-816-6255 and let’s
see if I’m a good fit for your business building plans


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copywriting services in calgary
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I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy when she wrote the copy for my website and I would recommend her highly. We met for coffee and just chatted, all the while she was taking notes during our casual conversation and the end result was amazing. She had turned my conversation into a most detailed story that had my personality attached and her attention to detail and professionalism as second to none. Wendy has a way of putting into words your very thoughts thus "Words By Wendy".

Beth Freeden
NexLevel Challenge Ltd
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