Stop Being So Smart

The Copywriting Secret That Everyone Should Know

You’re a business owner, and you’re keen to demonstrate your exceptional grasp of everything related to your field.  So, when you’re writing copy for your website, you put in a bunch of long words, business-speak and jargon and then sit back and wait for the awed admiration of your following.

Not so fast!  What will actually happen is that your reader’s eyes will glaze over and their mouse will search blindly for that little x in the top right hand corner.

What Copywriters Know About Getting People to Read

Perhaps counter-intuitively, you should always write at an educational level below that of your best prospects.  No one will notice that your writing is simple, or complain that there aren’t enough long words, but it will make your writing readable and your message more accessible.

In fact, unless your message is exceptionally technical, and you have an audience who expects complex information, the best policy is always to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Yes, the most proficient business writers can write the worst marketing copy if they don’t understand the need for a complete change of tone and language.

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