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You need a new (or revamped) website.  So, you hire a designer and sit back while the professionals work their magic.  It’s all good, right?

Yes, it is all good – if you have a web development team with the strategic expertise to take your stated objectives and work them into an internet marketing campaign designed to achieve a response.  But, that’s a big ‘if’.  Being a great designer isn’t always the same as being a great creator of effective websites.  It’s important to know that your web company is staffed by internet marketing experts, not just designers.

Download the The Website Strategy Report and learn how to select and work with a web designer without going crazy.

You’ll learn why creating a truly effective website requires a more holistic approach.  You need:

  • Eye-catching design, that reflects your branding and your image
  • Page layout that makes important elements of your sales message easy to find
  • Site map that provides all the information necessary to lead prospects through the sales message, and to cater to prospects with different buying styles
  • Navigation that makes it easy for all visitors to find the information that interests them
  • Copy and copy layout designed to keep visitors reading
  • Response mechanisms that encourage conversion
  • SEO – it is vital that your web builder has a solid understanding of SEO principals and designs every site to be attractive to the search engines

If that sounds like a lot to stay on top of, you could use a website development project manager.  As your project manager, I will develop the strategy behind your website, including site map, navigation and internal links.  I will manage the process, ensuring every step of the way that your site is being developed within the context of your strategic objectives. I will write copy, and design a copy layout that will keep your visitors reading through.

In the meantime, download the The Website Strategy Report now, and learn the ten most important considerations in ensuring the success of your web development project.

I hope you enjoy the report.  Please take the time to visit the rest of my site, and sign up for my blog. (And remember, because I have only offered this report to my business friends and colleagues, there is no link to this page from the main site.  To get back here you can just use back arrow.)

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I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy when she wrote the copy for my website and I would recommend her highly. We met for coffee and just chatted, all the while she was taking notes during our casual conversation and the end result was amazing. She had turned my conversation into a most detailed story that had my personality attached and her attention to detail and professionalism as second to none. Wendy has a way of putting into words your very thoughts thus "Words By Wendy".

Beth Freeden
NexLevel Challenge Ltd
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