Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

A great working relationship starts with well-defined expectations and deliverables.  So, before we start working together I like to make sure the project and my terms are clearly described in writing.  The starting point for any project is always this contract: It makes sense for both you and me.

  1. Prices include all necessary background research, message development, writing and two sets of edits.
  2. 50% payable prior to commencement of work. Payment can be made by cheque made payable to Words By Wendy, or via paypal.com to wendy@wordsbywendy.ca.
  3. Balance payable immediately upon completion.
  4. If a project is cancelled or postponed after signing of the contract, there will be a kill-fee charged at an hourly rate of $75 for all work undertaken to date (including meetings, background research and preparatory work as well as writing and editing).  The minimum kill-fee charge is $100, up to a maximum of the amount quoted for the project.
  5. Requests for edits will be accepted for up to 30 days from submission of a draft.  If full written feedback is not received in that time, I will assume that you approve the work as-is, and submit a final invoice.  Payment in full will then be due immediately.
  6. For any projects that take longer than 45 days, I will submit an interim invoice to cover work to date, followed by monthly invoices for as long as the project continues.
  7. Prices are valid for 60 days, and for the project as outlined above.  Should the details or specifications of the project change a revised estimate will be provided.
  8. The client is responsible for all final proofreading of the copy.
  9. I wish that I could guarantee results, but there are too many factors in your marketing that are out of my control – product, market conditions, price, demand, consumer preferences, external events etc.  For that reason I am unable to guarantee results.

10.  Although I make every effort to ensure that the copy complies with the law, I am not a lawyer.  It is the responsibility of the client to submit all copy for legal review.

11.  Should any legal issues arise, they will be dealt with under the laws of Alberta, Canada.

12.  Unless otherwise requested, I reserve the right to reproduce all of my work, either in text or finished format, in print or digital media, for the purpose of promoting my own services.

Okay, it sounds like a lot of legalize, but what it boils down to is that I will do everything I can to provide the very best work for you, the client.   You too have certain responsibilities pertaining to your side of the contract, but we’ll get along just fine if we’re both open, honest and diligent.

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“Over the past five years Wendy has written copy for my website, a speaking proposal, and a poster which I use at trade shows. In every case, her copy has been successful in creating interest, attention, and action. Wendy has a wealth of experience and a high degree of professionalism. She takes the time to understand her clients and their needs. She has truly mastered the intricacies of marketing and communicates her clients’ message in a manner that is clear, concise, and appealing to their specific audience.
Wendy’s copy gets results.”

Vikki MacKinnon
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