When Web Marketing Doesn’t Work For You

Even today I get people saying to me that they have a website but they don’t do much with it because it doesn’t work for them.

Yes, we’re back to the ‘build it and they will come’ mentality.

Why Some Websites Work … and Some Don’t

Anyone who successfully attracts business via their website will tell you that web marketing has almost unlimited potential.  But tapping that potential requires strategy, creativity and a tenacious mixture of trial and persistence.

Yes, it seems there is more to web marketing than just putting up some nice pictures and a few well chosen words about your dedication to  customer service.  If your website isn’t achieving all that you hoped, ask yourself the following questions:

Is the design eye-catching and professional?

A one-second glance at your home page speaks volumes about you and your company – does it reflect the image you wish to portray; is it clean and attractive; do your main selling points jump off the page and draw the eye?

Does your message scream “I Get What You’re Looking For!”?

Did you know that your visitor will decide whether to bother with your website based on your headline?  It needs to be strong enough to lead your prospects into copy that is readable, compelling and persuasive.  Is yours?

Is it easy to navigate?

You need to provide enough information to convince your visitor that you have what they seek – but they won’t look for it.  Have you strategically designed your navigation bar, site map and internal links to create an irresistible path through your site and through your sales message?

Do you ask for a response?

Whether your objective is a sale, enquiry, subscription or donation, your entire site should be designed around achieving that desired response.  The way that you motivate and generate action is the key to your web marketing success.

Is your site visible to the search engines?

When your prospects search for your product or service, they won’t find your site unless it’s optimized.  And optimization is a never-ending task involving things like keywords, tags, inbound links and content.  If your site isn’t generating the traffic you require, you probably need to do some serious optimization.

The Strategy Behind Web Design

I’ve been told that copywriters have an annoying habit of changing the site map.  Well, that’s because the site map is an integral part of the way people will navigate through the sales message; if they don’t follow the right path, they won’t respond.  And some kind of response is almost certainly your primary objective.

So, if web marketing doesn’t work for you, it’s time to look at why your website isn’t pulling its weight.

If you want more information about evaluating your website, give me a call on 403-279-3606 or email wendy@wordsbywendy.ca















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