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How to Write Articles for Lead Generation | WORDS BY WENDY

Why You Should Be Writing Articles to Grow Your Business

Promote Your Expertise With Well-Written Articles

What do you know?  You run a business, so you clearly know something!  In fact you’d probably be surprised at how much you have to teach people about your particular area of expertise.

So, don’t just sit there keeping it all to yourself.  Share some pearls of wisdom with us lesser folk.  Whether you’re writing for magazines or e-zines, newsletters or online content, there are many benefits to writing articles about what you do:

  • Builds awareness for you and your company
  • Establishes your expertise in your field
  • Draws traffic to  your website
  • Raises your search engine rankings
  • Creates goodwill among your readers
  • Gives you a way to increase response in your own website

But to achieve all that, of course, your articles have to be strategically planned and well written.

Five Tips for Writing Articles That Will Help You Build Your Business

1)  Be Useful

Most crucially … an article is a place to give away free, helpful information.  It’s appropriate to include some contact information and a (very) concise sales pitch at the end, but the main body of the article should be completely non-self serving.

2) Cover a Specific Topic

Keep your subject matter tight and well-defined.  A title like How To (do something specific) or Ten Tips for (something equally specific!) is helpful in pinning it down, and also defining it for prospective readers.

3) Don’t Be Afraid To Give Something Away

The people who are going to take your free information and do it themselves are not your target market.  Your true prospect will read your information and think “Wow, this person is some kind of genius.  I’m going to hire them right now”.

4) Make Your Article Readable

Just as with your marketing copy, you should avoid long, intimidating blocks of text which only the most intrepid and determined reader will bother with.  Use short paragraphs, sub-heads and bullet points to divide up your message.  That’s also a great way to help you organize your thoughts and give your article a logical flow.

5) Use It!

Don’t waste all that hard work.  Post your article on your website (if you were paid for it, you might need to ask for permission from the publisher), send it to prospective clients, use it in your marketing materials, even resubmit to other publications, if the terms permit.  Either way, once you have come up with that initial concept you should be able to rewrite and re-purpose for free reports, blog posts and so forth.

No Time?  Call Words By Wendy about professional article writing services.  I can edit your scribblings, or research topics and write original articles from scratch.

Call 403-816-6255 or email wendy@wordsbywendy.ca


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I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy when she wrote the copy for my website and I would recommend her highly. We met for coffee and just chatted, all the while she was taking notes during our casual conversation and the end result was amazing. She had turned my conversation into a most detailed story that had my personality attached and her attention to detail and professionalism as second to none. Wendy has a way of putting into words your very thoughts thus "Words By Wendy".

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